Dr Benjamin Schussler

General Practitioner

Born in New York City, Dr Benjamin Schussler worked as a police officer with the NYPD for three years before deciding on a career change to medicine. He completed an undergraduate degree and medical school at Stanford University and the University of Sydney, respectively.

His initial years as a doctor were spent within the public hospital system, working in medical, surgical, and emergency departments. Here, Dr Ben found that a specialisation in General Practice was his calling. He was convinced that most of the suffering, disease, and disability seen in hospital could have been prevented if more people developed strong, stable relationships with a GP.

After becoming a GP, Dr Ben spent many years in Far North Queensland working among First Nations People. He hopes to continue working with Indigenous Australians, though welcomes patients from all backgrounds and at all stages of life.

Dr Ben is interested in the full spectrum of General Practice, with an aim to understand his patients’ individual desires for health and quality of life. He works collaboratively with his patients and their families, building long-term relationships to achieve these goals.

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