Dr Toula Gordillo

Clinical & Jungian (spiritual/non-religious) psychologist

Dr Toula is a very experienced Clinical & Jungian psychologist. She holds undergraduate degrees in psychology, the arts and education, a Masters in Clinical Psychology and Doctoral research degree in Creative Arts (creative writing). Dr Toula is the originator or Story Image Therapy (SIT®) and SIT Shadow Work. Grounded in clinical and academic research, and combined with regular clinical psychology methods, SIT can help a person to access their unconscious issues that may be contributing to mental or physical health distress. Dr Toula has published several books and journal articles on Story Image Therapy, and she is passionate about preventative medicine and holistic mental health care.

Dr Toula continues to present on SIT Shadow Work to local and international community organisations, corporate and private business, government schools and universities, healthcare professionals and others.

Areas of Interest: Jungian psychology, Stoic and Taoist philosophy and all areas of ancient wisdom

Languages spoken: English